Place Planning is happening in Stranraer! 

It’s going on across the country too, so there’s a national standard  – the Place Plan Tool – to help. It’s tried and tested.


Take 10 minutes today. Get a cuppa and fill in the Place Tool to give us feedback on how Stranraer is doing and where it could improve.

Just follow the QR code below and follow the prompts.

Let us know what matters to YOU about Stranraer and how we can keep creating this place together.

Here’s how folk are feeling so far

As well as online feedback, we’ve taken copies of the Tool to meetings to let locals flag their areas of concern. You can pick it up in the library in town too.

Feedback from the Place Tool ties in clearly with the feedback we get in meetings, workshops and the conversations we’ve been having.



Locals were happiest with were (1=best)

1 Natural space
2 Feeling safe
3 Identity & belonging
4 Play & recreation
5 Social interaction


We were least happy with these (14=worst)

14 Work & economy
13 Care and maintenance
12 Public transport
11 Influence & control
10 Streets & spaces

The bundle in the middle was:

6 Traffic & parking
7 Moving around
8 Housing & community
9 Facilities & amenities