It was lovely to visit Rephad Primary to talk to pupils from different years about their hopes for Stranraer.

What a thoughtful bunch of young people.

It was interesting to be reminded how important it is at that stage to be able to play safely and without fear from older children and young people in the same play space.

They were concerned not just about their own safety but about protecting their environment… the equipment in the playparks, the public toilets, the flowers and plants.

We talked about how at a teenage stage, it’s quite normal for young people to act out a bit and behave badly. They thought those young people should be the ones fixing any problems they cause and thought it would be good for them to be connected together so they could understand better why it matters to younger children. Wise words.

Investing in the parks and buildings we already have came up again and again when we were talking to people about the Place Plan so we’ve fed this into the final version.