Place Planning – also called Place-Making – is an ongoing thing. It’ll never be finished. It’s not new. It’s what we’ve been doing for centuries. It’s just getting together, identifying need and coming up with solutions together.

This mural is a good example of place planning.

“This is Place-Making in action,” said Janet Jones, Arts & Engagement Officer, working with Stranraer Development Trust. “The idea came from locals at our Listening & Visioning roadshow events. This one act shows how change can happen.

“And no – to answer locals’ questions – the woman in red is not Christine! It’s a made-up face of a woman to signify dynamism, energy, risk-taking… the next generation driving change.”

This pic shows Tragic O’Hara’s mural as it emerged from his amazing Da Vinci Code, paint-by-numbers code that helped him map his idea from his sketch book to the wall.

Onlookers watched – fascinated.

The mural is transforming the new arts hub at the top of King Street on its junction with George Street.

As one woman said “I wish we could have more of these. I wish it was even bigger… in an even more obvious place. It’s really exciting.”